2020 Enrolment Form

Please kindly fill in the details below for your child to continue with tennis in 2020 with BTA. 

Below as a reminder about our Terms and Conditions for tennis : 


By signing up with Blessed Tennis Academy for 2020 we have the following Terms and Conditions :

Best efforts and respectful behaviour of players are required at all times on the tennis court

a Minimum of 24 hour cancellation notice period required. Notice needs to be given to your coach, otherwise lessons are marked as done and will be charged for ( Unless it is a medical emergency with a doctors letters )

* Tennis Terms are as follows : Term 1 : Jan to March      Term 2 : April to June      Term 3 : Jul to Sep      Term 4 : Oct to Dec

* Semi-Private and Private lessons are billed per term. The player gets 10 lessons  per term. The coach will keep track of all lessons done during the term. 

* Group lessons are done on a weekly bases, and each player must do a minimum of 10 lessons per term. The coach will keep track of all lessons done during the term. 

* Lessons cancelled due to rain will be made up. The coach will arrange with the client on available times

If the client missed a lesson, it's the client's responsibility to ask your coach where to fill in the lesson. The coach will only catch-up a lesson, if the coach had to re-schedule the lesson. 

Payments are due in advance by the 7th of each month Or You can settle the bill once off for the term. Term fees should be settled before each holiday season starts. No lessons will continue if the previous tennis term fees is not settled. 

Our Billing months run from January until December ( 12 months of the year )
We do not accept any stopping of tennis in December and re-joining in January / February. As December is a holiday month for most kids, there is enough time to catch up on any lessons that will be missed.

* Notice Period  of 1 (one) term for discontinuation of lessons needs to handed  to BTA Office in writing.

BTA are coaching right through the year  - meaning we are coaching right through holidays as well. The coaches may be in touch during holidays for make-up lessons, and additional holiday times. We do close around 15 Dec for the festive season until around 4 Jan. 

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