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Enrolment Form 2022

By signing up with Blessed Tennis Academy for 2022 we have the following Terms and Conditions :

* Best efforts and respectful behaviour of players are required at all times on the tennis court

* a Minimum of 24 hour cancellation notice period required. Notice needs to be sent to your coach, otherwise lessons are marked as done and will be charged for ( Unless it is a medical emergency with a doctors letters )

* Lessons cancelled due to rain will be made up. The coach will arrange with the client on available times

* If the client missed a lesson, it's the client's responsibility to ask your coach where to fill in the lesson. The coach will only catch-up a lesson, if the coach had to re-schedule the lesson.

* Lessons are charged for in the begging of each month, for the month in advance.

* Payments are due in advance by the 20th of each month. No lessons will continue if the previous month tennis fees are still outstanding.

* Our Billing months run from January until December ( 12 months of the year ) We do not accept any stopping of tennis in December and re-joining in January / February.

* Notice Period of 1 (one) month for discontinuation of lessons needs to handed to BTA Office in writing.

* BTA are coaching right through the year - meaning we are coaching right through holidays as well. The coaches may be in touch during holidays for make-up lessons, and additional holiday times. We do close around 15 Dec for the festive season until around 7 Jan.

* BTA is at all times committed to conducting business in compliance with all applicable laws and we are committed to protecting your privacy and to process your personal information in a responsible, lawful and transparent manner. We would like to stay in contact and continue sharing information with you about holiday programs, termly news, and any tennis related information.

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